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Requirements and rules for applying for VIP 1 Basic

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Requirements and rules for applying for VIP 1 Basic




1. Every player who plays on SyncZone servers has the right to get the VIP 1 Basic privilege for FREE.

2. VIP 1 applies to all SZ servers

3. The player must meet special requirements to qualify for VIP 1 Basic.

4. Openness and transparency of voting by all users;

5. The decision is made based on the opinions of other players. For an objective assessment it is recommended to unsubscribe in the topic and comment on your choice;

6. An application created by third parties is not considered, i.e. it is automatically closed and considered rejected;

7. VIP 1 is activated when the Portal Administration approves the application, which is created in a special section VIP section

8. The opinion of the administrators is a priority;

9. The opinion of VIP players is a powerful argument;

10. Feedback from other players is also taken into account when making a decision;

11. Donating and helping the Portal is a strong argument "For / Yes"

12. The decision can be found in the "Approved" or "Rejected" sections"

13. VIP status is removed after 60 days if you do not appear on the server.



Requirements for players applying for VIP 1 Basic:


  • Don't violate the General game rules;

The Chief Administrator or the Administrator has the right to reject the application for VIP 1, if at the time of filing and during its consideration , the player has violated: clauses 3.1.1; 3.1.2; 3.2.1; 3.2.2; 3.3.1; 3.3.2; 4.3; 4.4; 5.2.1; 5.2.2; 6.3 of the Forum Rules and (or) clauses of Section I and Section IV (4.1.1; 4.3.1) of the General Game Rules.

  • Adequate behavior;
  • Be registered on the Forum;
  • Play on the server for at least 100 hours or more (4-5 game days);
  • Have a set skill level "Below average (S7)" or higher.



Rules for applying for VIP 1 Basic:

  • Every request is created in a separate topic;
  • The topic MUST necessarily include an open vote;
  • The theme name must consist of Your game nickname and STEAM ID
  • MUST surety (only VIP players (at least two) and (or) Administration can be sureties (one Administrator is enough). Guarantors are required to leave a positive review in relation to the player. Writing to the sponsors without the knowledge of those who are listed in the topic may lead to automatic rejection of the topic.


In the subject specify:

1. Server mode (coop and (or) versus)
2. Name, age, country and city;
3. Nickname in the game (game nickname);
4. STEAM ID     
5. Skill level;
6. Discord, Skype, VK or Facebook (your choice / optional)
7. Link to game statistics, taking into account the server mode;
8. Financial support for the portal (Yes / No ) 
9. Guarantors (VIP - at least 2; Admin-at least 1), 
nickname (profile and game), at the request of the applicant, you can attach the game statistics of the guarantor.

Note: a link to game statistics, taking into account the server mode. How so?

That is, if the player plays exclusively on coop, it provides statistics of the game in coop mode, if exclusively on versus-statistics of the game in versus mode, if the player plays on two modes at once, it provides statistics where the most played time (at least 100 hours)


Additional information: after 3 incorrectly published topics with an application for VIP 1 Basic, i.e., closed by the Administration with the signature "for renewal", the user has the right to submit again, only after the expiration of one week.





2. James, 24, USA, New York.
3. Nickname: Winsent White 
4. STEAM_1:0:000000000
5. Skill: Master
6. Discord: JJ#0000
7. Game statistics
8. Financial support for the portal: yes
9. Red Bull (VIP 3), keddy (VIP 2)

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