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Gratitude to SlySharp for sharing his experience in the game.

The original post on russian can be seen here.


This subject concerns anyone who is interested in understanding the game on SyncZone server. Here you have everything you need to know if you are a beginner.




I would like to run through the basic things without which (I think) you have nothing to do on the Synczone server and specifically in multiplayer L4D2. My opinion is purely personal. Somethings I missed, somethings could be wrong. But it's all about what a beginner needs to understand and how to get an answer to the eternal question "Why did you kick me?"

Preamble: Read everything in this section. Understand. Remember. (

English version)

Preámbulo: Leer todo en esta sección. Entiéndelo. Recuérdelo. (Versión español)

1. Knowing maps and common things.

The basic thing you need to know is where to go with survivors and where to be safe. Complete all campaign for 2-3 times, play for infected on all maps by yourself to get to know the game better. You will be surprised when you find out how many people stupidly did not know where the shelter on a roof can occur, where usually bullets are lying and where are the buttons and doors.


Even if you are vomited by a boomer you should focus where you are and where did your team ran away. Ideally, keep going even in the face of incomplete visibility. I'm not talking about a completely black sight, and about the time when it is already possible to navigate in space. Many times have I watched “Username” gets vomited and stands still for 10-15 seconds and pistol shoots the horde that surrounded him. This is stupid and gives the enemy perfectly fixed target. Go back to the map knowledge.


The essence of the survivors is that the sooner all survivors are in the safe room, the better. Therefore, the whole thing you need to do is how can you wisely get from point A to point B, and this can only be done when you know exactly where you have to run. Also, you should know all potentially dangerous and safe places on the map in order to protect the survivors from attacks. Without knowledge of the maps, you cannot do this.


We will proceed to the infected. If you know the map - you know the place where to spawn. You know the place to spawn - more and more effective attack you will have and you will not waste time. Knowledge of the closed places allows you to instantly appear and attack.


Reasons to be kicked from this perspective:


1.) Do not know where to run \ run in the opposite direction.

2.) After vomit, whole team waits for you for half an hour until you can see.

3.) Spend a lot of time on unnecessary activities, such as the return of the patrons for the fifth time or survey all the toilets half an hour.

4.) Provokes an attack while on potentially dangerous areas, such as: windows on map 1 of the Dead Center, or in the middle of the dock on the map 1 of the Hard Rain.



1.) You cannot be still for half an hour, and instead of 20-25 seconds to attack spend one minute or even more, to appear stupid.

2.) Appears in the wrong place in advance, and doesn’t attack. (We should also mention the boomers, emerging from behind and running for the surviving half of the map. For such there is a special place in hell.)


2. Do not blunt!

This part inherits the first one. The most common cause for a kick is not respecting your ally, and misunderstanding the situation on the map. You must always be oriented in the game.



1.) Do not rush and keep up, do not wait for an attack in the open, do not stand in the fire, do not stand in the spit of the spitter – all in all, DO NOT STAND LIKE A STATUE STUPIDLY! YOU ARE IN A SURVIVAL GAME – DO SOMETHING!


2.) Friendly fire. It can speed up the death of your comrades when shooting into the crowd from the grenade launcher (rifles / automatic shotgun), set fire to cars and cans, throwing Molotov cocktails in the hallways (or in the safe-room full of people) or forward while moving. If you want to help someone, to get rid of the crowd of zombies, the perfect option: fire yell, power yell, bomb or a simple shove.



1.) All about the same. Appeared - attack; do not wait for half an hour sitting on the front of the survivors. Believe me, you ARE seen. Perfectly clear and you are nice target for a headshot. See when someone takes charger, take spitter and spit when the charger attacks, instead of spit in the open field, when all survivors flee green.

2.) Summarize. Always be aware where your team is, and what is happening in the game. Always ask, "Am I doing this right?” and you will be happy.


Reasons to be kicked from this perspective:


One and a general one. You blunt, you cannot keep up with the team and did not react to the changing environment. Perhaps it will come with experience; you may want to focus on the fact that it is a team game, not an ordinary shooter.


3. Skill.

Even if you have learned all the theory, if you do not find yourself standing as a zombie, I have bad news for you. You have to shoot quickly and most importantly, ACCURATE. From any type of weapon you should be able to kill the enemy before he kills you. There I didn’t discover America. For infected you should be able to attack immediately (because you are perfectly inaudible) and accurately. It is all about current exercise and training. Over time, you will come to an acceptable level.


Skills "below average" and above are usually not for a kick, unless you fit the previous two points, but if you really don’t know how to shoot, then I'm sorry, there are 7 more people in the team and they do not want to drag your burden for you.


I'll write some basic (in my opinion) tips, which should raise your level of play.



1.) Looking back and orientation to the sound. Half of the textures in the game are very sweep. All infected produce sounds. Put two and two together. If behind a wall you hear a bubbling sound (boomer), do not go with him to cuddle. You can also save an ally if it guzzles behind the wall or even on another floor. In short, do not shoot at close range and you will be happy.


2.) Earth - lava! How many newbies died standing in the spit of the spitter. But it is not so terrible, if you know how it works. The spit spreads in texture and begins to damage stronger with each passing second. Therefore, there are two basic rules:


1.) When fresh spit appears, you can run, it's not scary. If you stay in the spit or touch it for a long time at the peak of damage, you will lose a bunch of HP.

2.) The spit
damage if you are not standing directly in it. Jump onto the railing \ table \ box, but anywhere. Voila, you're amazing!

3.) Think like the enemy. If you constantly attack from an infected ideal location, you are not so smart one. You know the place where it is constantly sitting hunter. That place gives more attention to survivors, perhaps there are already waiting for you there.


4.) Do not interfere forward and do not go last. If you are not confident in your abilities, the role of leading and trailing is not for you. These players have increased requirements, because they are concentrated on the most of the attacks. Stay in the middle of the group, there you will cover, and won’t do the wrong thing. Kick is usually just rushers and slow ones.


5.) First aids don’t give a lot of HP that can endure much. You can heal in two cases:


1.) You are black and white, and there is nobody around who could heal you quickly.

2.) You limp, and soon comes the tank or is already attacking. And again, you have no one to heal you.

In other cases, the first aid is a sacred animal - take care of her. If you heal yourself with 70 HP, you WILL BE kicked and for a reason.


6.) Hunter of the SyncZone - terrible beast. If you haven’t already known, there is a plug-in in which hunter can do 400 POINTS OF DAMAGE with a jump that can kill you IN A HALF OF SECOND. Therefore trading ANYTHING in the open field is the most stupid idea, after which your corpse will be kicked from the server. Watch the sky!


7.) Shove - your friend. Feel free to use it, especially to kill jockey or hunter. Shove, shoot, shove, shoot. They won’t ride off or attack you again. With shove you will cause the smoker \ hunter \ jockey to lose the shield (but not the charger, remember this), instead of looking your ally being eaten alive a meter away from you for 5 seconds. More information about the infected is in the boards below.



1.) Charger. Everything is simple, try to attack only in certain opportunities. Long narrow corridors, small rooms, stairs, those are your friends. Firstly, do not run with charger in the open field to its full length, you won’t grab a survivor. Secondly, they will shoot you anyway. ALWAYS CHOOSE CHARGER WITH A SHIELD. For more details, please click here.Shop Sync points. If you have no points on the board, ask your teammates, or give charger or another player. Charger appears in spawn with 30 SECOND DELAYS, so if you won’t use it properly, you will be kicked.

2.) Jockey. Catch a victim, dance with it around, and hang up on them. The shield is also advisable.


3.) Hunter. The most delicious character in all the SyncZone. If you do not know how to inflict 25 damage with hunter on a normal server, just don’t choose it. Seriously. Hunter leaping from the ground or crawling on it – usually it means you will be kicked. If you know how to jump, then you will be noticed, praised and respected. Never take a hunter at the beginning of the map, if you do not believe in your skills. In the beginning there is usually someone who knows from where to jump.


4.) Smoker. The same thing as a jockey - works best on single targets. Try to grab the last survivor or the one that is walking on the edge. Also in the game there are places where 2 smokers can kill all opposing team. You will not miss them if you normally follow the game. And remember, if you hunter-jump a man held by a smoker, that will not cause damage. Do not do that.


5.) Boomer. You have 50 HP. Fart is enough to kill you. All the power of a boomer in a quick and instant spawn attack. If you are a running somewhere longer than a second, most likely you are already a corpse. Jump from the roof, in the middle of survivors, provoke them to blow you up. Remember, boomer blast repels both survivors and infected, so do not substitute allies.


6.) Spitter. Spit ONLY in bottlenecks, and caught a victim. Spit in open field - idiocy. It's simple to choose it, and you do not do a damn.


7.) Tank. Firstly, perk. On the rate or in extreme cases, on two tanks. If you perk is a HP, you're not very smart. Attack quickly and accurately. Run on eight not-vomited survivors is the rotten idea. Use the machines, bottles and other items that can be pushed. Do not chase after one, when you are in the back beat everyone else. Constantly seeking to inspect the lame, they are an easy prey. Sight button on the key you have will do a "ROAR". Press it when more people are around you. Do not burn! If you are set on fire, look for the water as quickly as possible. Burn less than a minute. If there is no water on the map (recall the part about the knowing map), the boomer will help you. Boomer will extinguish you. You can blow up the boomer, it will also help. If vomit is thrown on you - do not panic, and do not stand still. Continue to keep moving until you run. In general, if you got a tank and you are noob, I do not envy you on any server. Try to at least do not waste it in vain. Also, NEVER lift up the incapacitated survivor while the tank is attacking him because it fastens the death.


8.) Witch. Witches on the Sync Zone have 3000 HP, so never, hear, NEVER try to kill her. If you are a survivor, run past it as soon as possible. If you are infected, call \ tighten \ lure a survivor to her, and you will be happy. BUT, if the witch is startled, then first thing you have to do is to kill her and NEVER lift up the survivor while the witch is alive because it fastens the death.

4. Hazing.

Always listen to what is said to you. On the server there is lot of varieties, and therefore understanding all is very difficult. So if you don’t want to get a kick, listen and do what others ask you to do. You have been told to press the right button – press it - go. Do not ask questions. Why is it necessary? If you do not comply with the request - you will most likely be kicked. This is faster than explaining what you did wrong. Over time, you will realize that you were wrong. Use microphone, but don’t abuse it. If you enter the server to start telling stories, to argue or do any kind of a mic spam – bye! Use a microphone to quickly say something or ask for help. Believe me, at the appropriate level of the game in a week or two you will have a team.


5. Points and binds.

Never use Points for team bonus if the team is not agreed on this point. Nobody needs your 60 points on the Apocalypse, when everyone is sending points to Slowdown when the tank comes. If you don’t know what to do with your points, give them to someone. Bind yourself a basic minimum that will save your life, or even attack. It is faster and easier to press only one button than to lose half an hour writing and playing in the menu while you have been eaten alive.


6. Woman!

If you are a female - it does not matter. I mean, here you are on an equal footing. Some would say that this is not the case, but it is. Only one thing is important here - that you are a good player. All of these "But, I’m a girl!" and "Well, what if I can’t shoot, I'm beautiful." You can leave for the fans of the cooperative games.


P.S: This is kind of all. Someone can help or add something at his own. The main thing is that you play carefully and be aware that this is a team game where each party depends on the success or failure. In that case, everyone will gain pleasure that this game allows.

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